School of Marxism, Hohai University


Hohai  University has determined to cultivate students’ noble personality by  moral education since its establishment in 1915. It was one of the  earliest universities for the propaganda of Marxism in China. Zhang  Wentian, the alumni of Hohai University, was the pioneer who spread  Marxism in Nanjing and Jiangsu Province. In 1962, the teacher training  class of Political Theories established. The undergraduate program of  Political Theories started in 1977 and cooperative education of MA  students started in 1986. The MA program of Ideological and Political  Education established in 1993. Then, the doctoral degree programs of  Basic Theory of Marxism, Ideological and Political Education established  in 2005. The School of Marxism was independently set up in 2011. It  started the post-doctoral program in the next year and has recruited  international doctoral students since 2014. In 2016, the school was  honored as the Model School of Marxism of Jiangsu Province.

The  school now has 50 faculty members (44 teachers and 6 administrative  staff). School teachers have strong strength in teaching and research.  There are 10 professors, 16 associate professors and 18 lecturersamong  whom 9 doctoral supervisors and 31 MA supervisors. 82% of the  teachers own doctor degrees. The school consists of two departments  (Department of Political Education and Department of philosophy) as well  as the Teaching and Research Center of Ideological and Political  Courses. The school also sets up a series of research centers, such as  Institute of Marxist Theory and Practice, Institute of Ideological and  Political Education, Institute of Community and Social Development,  Institute of History and Construction of the CPC, Institute of Chinese  Revolution and Contemporary Chinese History, Institute of Culture and  Morality, Institute of Social Thoughts and Institute of Ecological  Civilization Construction. Besides, Hohai University has three  affiliated research institutions in the school, which are Institute of  Zhang Wentian, Institute of Water Culture and Research Center of  Community.

The  school now has two major disciplines: law and philosophy, covering two  first-rank disciplines (Marxist Theory and Philosophy) as well as some  second-rank disciplines of Politics. Marxist Theory is authorized as  first-rank discipline of doctorate degree and selected as the key  discipline of Jiangsu Province and Hohai University. In the fourth  national discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education in  2017, the discipline of Marxist Theory rank B+ (the 24th of China and  the 2nd of Jiangsu Province). The school has a complete undergraduate,  master and doctor education system. The undergraduate program of  Ideological and Political Education is the feature major of Jiangsu  Province. Also, the school attaches great importance to the cultivation  of high-level talents for master, doctor and post-doctoral degree.

The  school adheres to the academic ideal of achieving mastery through a  comprehensive study of Marxism, Western and Chinese thoughts. With broad  academic horizon, the teachers and students here have rich research  fields. They study the classic works of Marxist writers in order to  explore and interpret the basic principles of Marxism and its practical  value; They focus on people’s spiritual life and remarkable achievements  have been gained in the field of ideology, belief, and spiritual realm;  They make in-depth discussion on national and social governance,  capital ethics and other aspects concerning with Chinese revolution,  construction as well as reform and development; They make further study  in the basic theories of Ideological and Political Education, explore  the new field of Ideological and Political Sociology, and contribute to  the modern transformation and publicity of Ideological and Political  Education; They discuss the practical relationships among science,  technology and society, which have prominent researches in philosophy of  science and technology, engineering ethics, ecological ethics, water  culture and ecological civilization construction.

The  river enriches all things and the sea covers all rivers.The school  inherits the inclusive spirit of Hohai University and sticks to the  tenet of 'insist on truth, pursuit of scholarism, respect for virtues,  persist in practice '. The whole school now is striving for the  development of Marxism research and discipline construction,   the  promotion of the effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education  courses, the endeavors to the cultivation of water conservancy spirit  and the development of water ecological civilization, the exploration of  the academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad in order to  return the country and society with high-level achievements.

Location: Houxue Building F10-12, Jiangning Campus, Hohai University

Address: Focheng Road No.8, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China

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